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App instability and lost functionality

On my Android 7 phone, the app has gotten less stable and a function or two has stopped working. It is possible the 190,000 shots I loaded up on my Monument is giving it trouble. It has been analyzing for weeks now and is down to about 7000 shots to go.

1. At the main Photos tab, if I press one of the photos to view it, the app will crash after a second or two and Android asks if I wish to report the crash or restart the app. Of note: in other photo viewing contexts, such as pictures associated with a camera, picture viewing is OK.

2. Again, at the main Photos tab, the folders icon no longer takes me to folders - nothing happens.

3. The app does not always get connected to the Monument. An app restart usually fixes that. Some times I have to power cycle the Monument to get it to reconnect.


@David: We'd like to have a screen share session with you to understand exactly what's going on as you are one of the highest number of photos loaded. We have an update coming out today, but this problem may require furtehr digging into. We'll inform our Engineering to setup an appointment with you.

Let's see how this new update works. Also, after many weeks it has finished analyzing my 190K photos. I added 400 more and it took care of them with no fuss.

The other bugs I reported are still there after the analysis completed.