Updates (3/10/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We are releasing our biggest update yet. You will need to update your mobile apps and Monument. Both iOS and Android apps now have the same version number of 2.0.0 and Monument firmware jumps to 1.3.0. The updates can be summarized as follows:

• Multi-user support

• Easier setup

• Full-HD HDMI output support

• exFAT Support (Needs to be activated separately)

• Improved FAT/FAT32 filesystem support

• A lot of stability and performance improvements

To enable the exFAT support, please visit here to pay the license fee for your unit.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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New 1.3.0 code on Monument and 2.0.0 app on iOS. All I get now is "Cannot Connect to Monument", on all iPhones and iPads. Have tried cycling power on Monument and killing and restarting app on phone. It happens quickly and same on all devices.

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System completely crashed after Monument tried to update firmware. Led is green (and red ?) and app refuse to connect. Try a factory reset without result. Really disappointed...

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Well, I'm so glad that you guys updated things but the big items that most people wanted, have not been done. - I STILL CANNOT CONNECT REMOTLY! I have turned the remote access off, gone onto the 2.4 wireless network, reset my box, reset my app, turned remote access back on.... NOTHING! - Photos still have no ogrinazation methods - Screenshots still go the the bottom of the list (don't tell me stuff about lack of metadata... EVERY other photo app still organizes it properly) - Still have no way of AT LEAST rotating photos - Face recognition is still horable. When manually entering a name with the face, the names that you have already added do not pop up as you type. You MUST type it EXACTLY the same as the face you want it to merge with. VERY similar faces are NOT getting organized on there own. This is HORRABLE! This feature was one of the BIG reasons I bought this! You CLAMED this feature to be THE BEST out there and it sucks. - Where are all the "Search by SNOW, or A Season, or whatever"?!? I see SOME (4) items that can be used but they, like most of the system, are very bad - Your roadmap needs major updating! I expect from a product like this that there is a schedule. All of you are engineers and engineers work from schedules and numbers. How does anything get done if there's no schedule? I have no problems with the schedule changing, but we all should be updated as it's changed! I was VERY optimistic about this device when I bought it. Everything that I saw online and from you guys looked great. I am very disappointed that we are basically beta testers that were promised something much better than this from the beginning! You've definitely ruined my Outlook when purchasing anything from kick starter! This was my last item I would ever buy. Please advise

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General Problem Resolution After version 2.0.0 (app) / 1.3.0 (Firmware) Update:

1- Update your App first before updating the firmware. If you don't update your App, communication will be impossible, as we changed protocol.

2- If you updated the Monument, you can verify firmware version by looking at the HDMI output on a TV/Monitor, you should see it at the lower left corner (1.3.0).

3- If you successfully updated the firmware but now cannot connect after updating the App, delete the App, and reinstall. You do not need to reset your Monument.

If you have done these and still cannot connect, or if you have persistent RED or YELLOW LED on your Monument, please file a  ticket.

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Got the Update and it's basically a joke to call it a biggest update yet and bump to 2.0 already.the app as is is still not usable at all. Analyzing content is still stuck, search not functional cept for a couple of seaside pix, faces recognition algo is furthest from being near market ready and merging 'new' faces to existing ones is cumbersome at the very best. And I still cannot grasp the meaning of 'time machine' as there are maybe thirty something images grouped at two randomish points in time... Your effort may be there but the app is alpha, at least for me... All this is a complete waste of time and money.

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Thanks for your support.  Uninstalling and then reinstalling the app worked.

This has been a great update, the sharing of photos between users is a great feature.

Keep at it!  People are complaining but they don't understand, it's a great little product and you're an enthusiastic team doing a great job.  Keep the improvements coming and your success will come!

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The monument firmware bricks my device. Update takes a long time and finally Monument led stays yellow and monument can't be reached by the app. Tried it two times with SD-card recovery in between.

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Update: I just tried to recover using a USB stick. Didn't work. I then tried with the SD card. I went through the whole process, waited until it was bright solid green, unplugged the SD, Monument restarted and the LED on the front again turned into yellow. I would say there is something wrong with the firmware. Please advise asap.

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Hi there, Like Jack Kronstedt I've got the exact same problem. I'm in IOS 2.0 and Monument has been updated to the latest release (can't confirm this however) but on all my devices I'm getting the message: can not connect to Monument..! Please advise! Best regards, Michel

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Device bricked after new 1.3.0 code on Monument and 2.0.0 app on iOS. Had to do a factory reset to get beyond "Cannot Connect to Monument"... reloading photos now

@ Brian, we are working on clearing tickets.

With regard to remote access, I can report a bit about it. I used a local phone carrier to provide my internet access. With that setup I could set external access with monument as it arrived and I could indeed access it through external connections (my 3G connection or my connection at work for instance). More recently I switched from that carrier to my local cable tv connection. With the new setup Monument fails to setup the external connection. It is clear, henceforth, that the external connection depends a lot on how your internet access provider handles the connection. I am yet to further investigate and check if some port forwarding could help to get things working again, but I can attest that the external connection worked fine with my previous setup.

In my books Monument is performing most of the promised features. Of course that there are lots of improvements that need to be addressed (some listed below), but things are progressing steadily.

The one issue that I am unable to fix is how to allow a user to access the pictures submitted by other (and vice-versa). Right now I can see my pictures and my wife can see hers, but no sharing has been possible so far (is that in the roadmap?). The only way I found to fix that would be for both to upload under a single account, which although not ideal would do, if needed,

Some other issues I can recall quickly (I do know that some have been listed in this thread):

a- To allow one to select the order in which the pictures are presented;

b- To provide some sort of (automatic) slide show which can allow us to see pictures in the HDMI output without the need for the App to be connected to the device. Suppose that I enter an album with pictures of my dog and select a "Slide Show" icon. The device could display random pictures of the album until other output is chosen (even after the App disconnects).

c- Import from the HD, actually inserting the content in Monument's file system.

d- Import RAW files (and perhaps videos)?

e- Some more I'll get to in a while when I can write back about them :^)

@King Pi: we are looking into this.

@Sess.5961: ExFAT upgrade link is here.

@Jauvane: First, and foremost, thank you for the kind words. We really appreciate it. We have been working very hard to close the feature gap, inching our way to where we need to be, and it is good to see that it is being recognized. The respond to some of the feature requests you listed:

a- We will have simple sorting released very possibly next week. It will start with a a way to see last edits easily, followed by improved sorting options.

b- We fully intend to implement slideshow, but currently not in the shortest implementation track.

c- Big debate here about this one on import or categorize in place, going back and forth. But it is looking like we will give the users the option to do one or the other. It will not happen next week, but in the next month or two.

d- RAW coming by the end of the month.