Updates (3/10/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We are releasing our biggest update yet. You will need to update your mobile apps and Monument. Both iOS and Android apps now have the same version number of 2.0.0 and Monument firmware jumps to 1.3.0. The updates can be summarized as follows:

• Multi-user support

• Easier setup

• Full-HD HDMI output support

• exFAT Support (Needs to be activated separately)

• Improved FAT/FAT32 filesystem support

• A lot of stability and performance improvements

To enable the exFAT support, please visit here to pay the license fee for your unit.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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@Matthew: our engineering will get in touch with you.

@monument labs support Since your reply 5 days ago I have heard nothing. I also have a ticket with nothing. And still my monument is stuck at the "getting library information from monument". The new update has done nothing to fix this issue. The last update basically bricked my system. Please advice on what to do next. I can't even trouble shoot the system because I can do nothing other then stare at frozen screen.

@Monument - I just applied your latest update, from 3/25 22:00.  The App is now 2.1.0 and the Firmware is now 1.3.2

Just a few quick observations:  1) Remote access is working again;  2) Pictures are uploading and analyzing again;  3) Pictures "holes" in the Photos matrix have filled back in;  4) Speed of WiFi connectivity is faster.

Diagnostic observations:  1) After about 5 minutes, the Monument rebooted itself and then would not leave the Green LED state (also, lost connectivity to App).  Waited 15 minutes, then cycled the power source plug.  The device went through normal Red, Green, White and was back online with App connected.  Then noticed that the #1-Primary USB was not online.  Cycled the power source plug for that specific USB drive.  The App showed Initializing USB drive message and then it was back to normal with both the USB-1-Primary and USB-2-Backup drives "active".  2) Monument said it was uploading new files and appeared to complete after each upload but, would not perform the analysis function and the new pictures did not show up in the grid.  Restarted Monument again and it appears to be working again - new pictures upload, analysis performed and they show up in the grid.  3) USB-2-Backup is now "Inactive".  I sent diagnostic files to your server, via the App.  I will leave that drive Inactive for now, in case you want to do some remote poking around.

I finally got my Monument up and running again. However, it's completely unsatisfactory. Here's why.

1. There is still no way to rotate or crop a picture.
2. After running for three weeks, it still tells me that it is analyzing my hard drive.
3. The face recognition is terrible at best, and a complete waste of time to try to work with it. For example, I reinstalled Picasa on my computer - within hours, it had recognized, CORRECTLY, hundreds of faces, and put all the same people with the correct face.
4. The time machine is simply nothing. Literally, in the three weeks it has been analyzing my photos, it has three moments in time, one with 105 pics, one with two pics, and one with one pic. I have over 12 years of digital photos on the drive, and the oldest year it found was a mere 3 years ago with that one picture.
4. In faces, there is no way to rename someone directly if they are incorrectly classified as someone else.
5. Cities are still very incomplete after 3 weeks of analyzing the drive. But, the pictures it shows on the opening page (just Photos), include many more people, places, years and so on than the Monument actually finds.


@Jack: apologies for the lateness, despite our best efforts, could not finish yesterday, and targeting today. Testing currently.

@Monument - thank you for the target expectation updates!  Bummer though, coming up on 2pm Eastern Saturday and still nothing in the iOS App Store.  While we all excitedly wait, might you please provide some details of fixes and features in each of the 2 upcoming "releases" you mentioned?  Would be really cool to know and from a partnership perspective, we would all be able to provide your support and engineering teams with direct, applicable resolution feedback.   Just thinking out-loud.  We can win bigger, together.

Thanks in advance for all the work and updates.

I could not agree with Jack anymore! Transparency is really what I think most of us! If there's some form of issue, send out a real simple email to the backers stating the problem and when/how it will be fixed. We all know that things happen sometimes., but bad things happen when mind begin to wonder!

@Jack: targeting release today, and another release next week.

@Monument Labs Support

So, 4 days ago, you targeted Wednesday as the iOS app update.  It is Friday afternoon and no update in the Apple Store.  Did the iOS app update get rejected by the app store?

I am watching so closely, mainly, because the current version of the app and firmware have virtually rendered your product pointless and of no real value.  I cannot connect remote and it takes over 3 minutes to connect on my WiFi network at home.  The photos seem to upload but, randomly show up on your app browser matrix.  

Yet, still am pulling for you guys/gals to make this product what we all heard it could and would be. 

One piece of advice, please get out more updates to at least your backers.  Transparency will be your best friend and keep most of us off your backs.

Thanks in advance....

So my device no longer uploads photos from either my phone or tablet. Acts like it does but they are no where to be found. Also direct SD card upload doesn't work, have tried turning off and restarting several times with no change, sent diagnostics last night. Not good!

@Prasanna, could you please send diagnostics from the app? The team will check it out.

@Jack, we are anticipating the next iOS release to go live on Wednesday, which will resolve remote connection issues also improves initial connection speed.

@Mathew, following up with a ticket.

I have updated firmware to 1.31 and had problems with it never connecting. I read that I should delete the app and re-install which I did and now it is hanging at the getting library information from the monument. Please advise
(415 KB)
@Monument - see the attached screenshot. WiFi off, cellular only. Remote access enabled and on. Just stays on the "Connecting to" status. You can also see the blank picture slots that randomly happen and stay blank. Sometimes they slots pictures populate eventuality
(2.87 MB)
After the firmware update I've not been able to connect. Just a solid white light on the device.

This may not be the relevant topic, but after the update, my monument has been Analyzing content for 4 days now, showing the same 16720 remaining. 

Any thoughts on fixing this ?