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Organisation of photos by time

I bought this thing is for helping me to organise the photos. But I found that is useless. I use different cameras to take photos, even for the same pictures. This device cannot read the photos taken time. When I put photos from different cameras into that device. It cannot help me to arrange the photos position by the time you take photos, and I cannot arrange the position by myself. It arranges the photo order just based on the time you put into device. That is rubbish. No organisation at all. Then why don't I just put all my photos into my hardisk? At least I can use the computer to arrange the photos

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Monument organizes your photos based on what, who, where, and when. We don't understand this statement "No organisation at all". Time Machine is a good example of when.

I believe he is meaning what most of us all are looking for as well. There is no way to sort your photos. Time Machine is great for things that are in the past but doesn't do anything for the current. There is no sorting by month, day, or year when browsing through all of your photos. Your screenshots get thrown to the very bottom of the list regardless of when they were taken. And photos that are uploaded, or organized by when they were uploaded, not by when they were taken. I pretty much just reiterated what he had already sent. I'm not quite sure where the disconnect is and why you guys don't understand what a lot of people are asking.

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This is the same thing I was looking for. I guess I can say time machine doesn't work for me. I can't seem to interact with it other than 1 day
This is also something I'm looking for. Looks like my time machine is stuck. I can't seem to move it
Well i don't see my photos in Time Machine
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Won Chakales, I have the same issue, zip imported 1624 photos from my IPad. No time stamp info was imported so now all I have is one giant folder. The time information is there on the iPad, why doesn't Monument see it!

@Ian: Monument sees it, but the time machine shows same week from last year by design, not all pictures.

I think Ryan has made it very clear. If Monument still doesn't understand the statement "No organisation at all", then that means Monument lacking ability for understanding English or the willingness to listen to users

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Am I wrong but Time machine is not available on Android? So Problem only solved on IOS? right? Or do I miss something?


@Marco: Android does not have it yet, and the reason why we have been dragging our feet with it is the user response on our particular implementation on the iOS has been less than lukewarm. By design intent, it is supposed to show this week last year, but most users expect to see all pictures on timeline. So, we are trying to figure out a better implementation, which is why we did not copy and paste this problematic implementation to Android. We will either improve and make it more usable and understandable, or transform to something different.

@Monument Labs: When browsing the forums I see a lot of users having one (or both) of these issues:

1. Sorting of photos in the Photo overview is not possible. As a user of any software tool, you need to have the possibilty to sort stuff. Either based on upload date, picture taken date, size, name, etc. This is very basic functionality and would (in my opinion) give you guys a lot of credits and time to develop the features that you have in mind (time machine, etc). I would like to ask you to consider this.

2. Newly uploaded photos are not visible in the photo overview (or so it seems): I also have this, I cannot see many of my newly uploaded photos. As stated in a different forum topic, I think it has to do with the facial recognition, because many of the pictures that contain recognised faces are not visible on top of the photo overview, but all the way at the bottom (which is a lot of scrolling when you have many pictures). I think this is not the intended behaviour and want to ask you to consider fixing this (maybe also solve my first point).

@J.G.: We will be bringing in new sorting options hopefully next week. Regarding your point 2, we are wondering if this is also related to having to auto-upload toggle, that you mentioned elsewhere. Also, we do have an issue with iOS throttling and energy managing interfering with the upload process, that is difficult to overcome.

@Support, you know I am using Android 7.1 right? How is iOs energy management related? To me, it doesn't seem that auto upload is related to the somewhat odd sorting of photos. I keep my app open when photos are uploading. I am staring at the screen. Sometimes I see photos appear on top, while others are not visible (probably visible at the bottom). This is since a couple of updates (I think since February). Before that it was correct, all new photos were shown on top.
I have to agree with users comments about Time Machine functionality or more to the point lack of it. Since it has been available it has never included more than about 130 images over 5 years from a library of over 4000. And it differs from day to day. It even dropped to as few as 7!
Since the 1.3.1 firmware upgrade and v2 of App, it now only goes back 3 years and still has changed daily.
Also, to be useful it really does need to include month as a minimum not just 1 year ago, 2 years ago etc.
This with the poor face recognition processing makes the device purely a storage device with little ability to find anything.
Perhaps an Operations Guide is required that details what each function is supposed to do/display etc is needed so that we understand what you are trying to deliver. We can then make up our minds if it is going to help us or not. Your sales pitch looked promising.


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