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Multiple image sharing

Dear monument, Great job for the last update, Especially the multidevice option & ex-fat.. love it! Several inputs & questiins : 1. Been tinkering with the device for a while, It looks like I can't do a multiple image upload/share? I'm using s7 edge, and when I select multiple image then press the share icon, nothing happens.. the system and apps was not freezing, its just that there were no "action to be selected" 2. Somehow.. the android apps keep randomly crash and shutting down, apparently its not that stable yet? 3. If I insert a camera sd card with 10 image, then without deleting the content, taking another 15 image with the same sd card, when I inserted the sd card for the second time, which pictures will be added to the monument? Only the 15 new image or all 25 image? Thx

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@Rizaldy: Right now, only album sharing works properly. What you are describing will be there shortly.

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