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Remote access not working

Hi! Since today's update, I can't access Monument remote anymore. Settings in my router for port forwarding haven't changed. Are you using a different port or could it in any other way have to do with the latest update? Best, Erik

@Erik: we are looking at this. We did not change the port.

Thanks! I have shared diagnostics through the app also, if that helps :-).

@Erik: It turns out the port has been changed to 8201 for our protocol change with App release 2.0.0. Apologies for the confusion. So, if you had manually edited your router setup, you may also want to open 8201.

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Did the port change to 8201 or is this port needed in addition?

@Phil: Version 2.0.0 and above will use 8201, and versions below 2.0.0 use 8200.

As I have little tech knowledge please advise me what to do

@Chip: Have been able to use remote access prior to recent updates? If so, and if it si not currently working, we have identified two issues:

  1. Android: we have apparently introduced a bug that prevents completion of connection even if the ports 8200/8201 are open. 
  2. iOS: Access through cellular networks work when you are not at home, but when connected to a Wi-Fi network other than your home network, it does not work.

We will address both of these issues this week, and will be pushed to App stores by Friday, will take additional days for App store approval. So early next week. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I am currently using the iOS app. It used to work before, not with the previous version, but with the one before that. Now it does not work at all - neither in a cellular network, nor in a different wifi.

Prior to the updates it was connecting away from my home wi fi without issue. I am an iOS user and it does not connect remotely anymore on a cellular network
Thanks for the confirmation of the port change. I updated my router settings but still cannot connect remotely. App version 2.0, firmware 1.3.0. Should I wait for the release of the update you will submit this Friday and confirm if that solves the problem?

E. Siemens: We released a new version on Android (2.0.3) that addressed the previously mentioned issue. iOS will should be approved by the Apple iOS store probably Monday / Tuesday.

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