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exFAT formatted HD not working

Hi everybody,

as I reset my monument to factory setting these days I decided to use a exFAT formatted HD. Monument app seems to upload pictures to monument, however, there it never shows a picture in the "Photos" view or starts the analysis when the upload finishes. I unplugged the drive and plugged it into my mac to see that there is nothing on the drive (except one "monument"-folder).

I re-formatted the drive to HFS+, this works properly, but I wanted to report the problem and inform others. :-)

Would be cool to have this working in the future.

Keep up the good work


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@Phil: Thanks for letting us know. We implemented this also for Hard Drive, and it is supposed to work. And we did test quite a bit. But based on you feedback, we will go back and test 1.3.1 once again. We will let you know if we find something.

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