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I acquired the exFAT update but the system did not update after reboot

I acquired the exFAT update but when I installed a 64GB SDXC card the attached screen shows up. Could you check what went wrong? My update was acquired on March 15th.
(872 KB)

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It appears that you were able to get the license.

Hi, does this problem still persist? If so, could you please send diagnostics so the team could check it out?


Confirmed. A new reboot got it to work. Maybe the internet connection wasn't working properly at the time of the previous reboot. All is working properly now. Thanks for such a wonderful product. I am confident that you guys will get it to do all that you originally planned. Keep the great work up.


Jauvane Oliveira

The same is happening to me. I sent diagnostics immediately afterwards.
Having the same problem. Tried restarting a couple of times but it didn't work. I've sent diagnostics already, hope you can help soonish :-)
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