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bringing folders in as folders so i dont have to recreate them

First I want to say I understand the issues you had getting going and that happens with all start ups so I want to say I think you are doing a great job of managing the process and getting things stable so you can get the rest of the features in there.  I am a hug supporter.  with that said I would like some clarification on a couple of items. 

1. I have all my pictures on an external Hard drive sorted in folders like (wedding, birthday, weekend adventure etc.) waiting to add them to Monument. I tired to bring in one called slide show the other day and it came is as a folder the way you explain but the pictures went to the general photo location.  I had to go through all the pictures (2800) to find those 300 pic and try to recreate the folder in albums. 

What I would like to be able to do is bring in the folder and have the folder be created in albums.  Is that on the road map and if so when is the anticipated time for that feature.  I have about 10,000 pics on that external hard drive and it would be very time consuming to have to recreate all those files.

2. I think you have explained this before but I would like to ask anyway.  I have been connected to monument since I received it.  We added my wife this past weekend after the latest update.  I can see mine and she can see hers but we cannot see each others.  I see that there is a patch coming out today or tomorrow to  fix that but how will that look.  Will it show me hers and mine in 1 folder that is merged since many of the photo are the same or will it be one file with 2800 of my pictures and 1 file of hers with 3800 knowing that 2000 of them are the same on both?

Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to the clarification on these two items.

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1: We have not implemented, but frequently requested. It is likely we will implement as soon as we have a break. It will not be on the roadmap, as that is just keeping track of mostly previously committed features.

2: As you already pointed out, this is already implemented. Obviously, the photos in your wife's library are available for viewing, and album sharing also works neatly. However, there is limited functionality in terms of what you can do with your wife's shared photos, for example, in this very first implementation, i.e. albums. We plan to get better from here, just not going to happen next week, as we still need to implement features like RAW that are on the feature list. But rest assured, as we go, it will get better.

Monument. I asked this question because I wanted the answer to this questions.  Could you please let me know if this is in the roadmap. if it is in the roadmap when you are planning to get it out.  I also have another question around my 2nd question.  It now works to be able to see all the pictures between my wifes phone and mine so that is great thank you.  I tried to delete a couple pictures I didn't want to see and I tried to create an album with pictures that were from my wife phone and it will not allow that function.  is that a bug or a feature we need to ask for?

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