Updates (3/25/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We are releasing another update across the board. These updates bring improved sharing functions, several bug fixes and improvements.

iOS (2.1.0)


• Share all your photos with other users

• Delete users

• Improved connectivity, initial connection is now much faster

• Remote connection bug is fixed

• Several other improvements and fixes

Android (2.1.0)


• Ability to cancel album shares

• User sharing 

• Bug fixes and improvements

Device Firmware (1.3.2)


• Minor bug fixes related to content analysis

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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Any update on video uploads?

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Don't have it yet.

Started the firmware update about 30 minutes ago and it seems to got stucked: Light on the box is steady green and in the app it still says "system update in progress". How can I cancel and restart the update?
Update to my previous post: Now the app seems to be running as usual except it is not able to connect with the Monument box. Light on the box is still steady green.
Thanks for Keeping the Updates.

I do not like how Toxic some users behave here. Of course I do understand that not everybody is satisfied currently but beeing toxic, well did not change anything of it.

Is there a updated Timeline somewhere? Of course a Timeline can only be a rough view of planned things. I baught two Monoments on Kickstarter because I belive it's a perfect small solution for me. One should be gifted to my parents to help them sort their Photos (their internet connection is terrible so they need to rely on a offlien solution) I still wait to hand it over to them.

For me there are currently 3 major things not as I hoped it will be:

- The possibility to sort / navigate the Photos by Year / Month
I have roughly 7.000+ Photos on my monument from past 15 Years or partly older. If you want to go back to let say "xmas 2000" it's currently scrolling down for about 5 minutes in the main screen. There should be a Brows option to Select a Year + Month to jump to.

- Photo View itself
If I view a photo the View is very limited, I can only view, delete, star or Download the Picture. In my eyes it would be good to have to possibility to view some (dont neet to be all) important Meta Data of the Picture. When was it taken, where was it taken? Additional some EXIF Information like Kamera and lense would be just great. Additional to that there is currently no way to share a single Photo to somebody or send it by the default Phone Share functionallity to a messenger or other apps.

- Backup Function
Backups are essential, I use a NAS at home for all my Family data and Backups.It would be nice to set it as backup location somehow. I know that was on the Timeline and hope it is still comming.

Other things are currently minor things to me personally. Face Recognition isn't the best but working some how after tagging my wife 100 times manually :)

Thanks for updateing and I hope you can be a little bit more  pro active for the planned feature communication even if there is no exact timing.

Have a good week!
Greetings from Germany

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just to check , has the time machine problem fix already? because up till now still not accurately showing the number of correct images.

I did install this update - can't connect to Monument since (LED light is green). I tried to reinstall the app - and now it says "Monument may have an old firmware, please update its firmware or visit the support site for more information." What to do now? 

I updated Android and monument . the device has solid green led light. The android app can't connect any more. Restarting on both sides does not help. What does that mean?

This morning I updated App + Firmware. The process bricked my unit... now I have a solid yellow led.

Since I've got my Monument (early february) I had only issues.

Thank you guys very much for this update! This was probably the best update you've done yet! Everything that is on the App I believe now officially all works! Now the only thing that's missing to complete all my needs, is a video upload and a much better way to sort photos!

I updated the firmware again using a SD Card following your guide: http://support.getmonument.com/support/solutions/articles/19000036074-recovering-your-monument-with-a-sd-card-firmware-update

The process "seems to be" OK (solid green led at the end)... but when I remove the Card the led turns red for a while then solid yellow again. ARGH!!!! :-(

Two questions, first how long should I expect it to take from the time I take a pic with my android tablet (while connected to home network) until the pic is uploaded to my monument drive. I did take the latest update to soft and firmware. Took pics over an hour ago and they have yet to show. Have rebooted both my device and monument. Secondly, I now have two storage devices that fit in the monument, how to I make one of them the primary, and move pics from the old primary to the new one? Good news I was able to upload some test pics from an exfat sd card today, progress!

After a few updates, the application on iPhone gave strange information. the additional user was mixed and 0 pictures were shown. A trick to re-index everything is to delete the application (on iPhone) and re-install them, then all was correct. The only option wich is completely inconsistent and do not work from day 1 is the "Time machine". We have more than 3000 pictures and Time machine show... 105 pictures from 2 days! Why these pictures, I have no idea.  Another interesting option will be to be able to show pictures on TV with options like "slideshow" instead of one by one shot. To stay positive, you did a good job, especially if we compare from the beginning ;) Yves.

One issue seems to be that you don't see the other photos uploaded by other useRs
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