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User Manual

Since I don't use my Monument all the time, I don't know what features are available, especially since new features are being added all the time and older features are being updated / improved. There are a lot of features that are currently available with the Monument. There are also a great deal of tips / FAQs as well as troubleshooting guides. What is missing is a user manual. 

It would be great if Monument Labs created a User Manual with all the features, tips, troubleshooting guides as well as a roadmap of upcoming features. Each feature would have sections where there are differences between devices (IOS, Android, PC/Mac, ...)

During each update, the user manual would also be updated. The User Manual would also be a big help with their sales. I looked at the main site,, and could not find a comprehensive list of features or capabilities.

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This is a must. I would also like to see the list of features promised and status of each.

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