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Can not connect correctly on app under iOS

When iPhone application is open, since the last 2 updates, the application connect then disconnect, then reconnect after a while and disconnect, etc . This problem seems récurent. Yves

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No need to anything on your part. This is a problem with our App on iOS. We will resolve this. Apologies for the delay as we try to resolve the issue.

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Same here. App keeps on connecting and disconnecting since last firmware update. I reinstalled the update with SD Card without success. Awaiting your update.

Unfortunately, while we are aware of this issue, we have not yet been able to pin it down to the root cause. That is why Engineering has not been able to revert to you, as they don't have the resolution yet. Apologies.

Same. It would sure be nice if I could get an update on my ticket for this issue. I had a session with support a week ago (over an hour late) and then he said he'd get back to me. There's been not a single update in my ticket or contact since.

Yves, we are aware of this issue and working to fix it. Thank you for reporting.

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