Updates (4/26/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We have released a few updates in the past weeks, but the announcement was delayed as there were pending issues on the device firmware. Please find below all the new features and bug fixes in all platforms:


iOS (2.3.1)


• Faster scrolling in Photos tab

• Improved background uploading

• Added an option to disable uploads on cellular networks

• Added slide show feature for TV

• Added photo info screen

• Time Machine now shows the closest photos from last year

• Fixed remote connection problem

• Fixed manual upload photo order bug

• Fixed connectivity issue causing constant Connect/Connecting/Disconnect cycle

• Several other improvements and fixes


Android (2.3.6)


• Enabled Time Machine feature

• Added folder selection in manual upload

• Added slide show feature for TV

• Added photo info screen

• Uploaded photos are now highlighted in manual upload

• Fixed remote connection problem

• World Map performance improvements

• Bug fixes and improvements


Device Firmware (1.3.4)


• Improved Wi-Fi connectivity

• Fixed an issue that caused hanging on "Getting library information"

• Fixed a bug that prevented removing a photo from an album

• Fixed remote connection problem

• Fixed a few volume management bugs

Device firmware is now being released in a three day window, so if you do not see an update yet, you should definitely see it in the next day or two.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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So far so good
Where do I find the firmware updates for download?


I connected a TV and it got stuck with the message: Update available (kernel_1.1.2,app_1.3.4).

Repowering the unit starts the download process again and it stops at the same position.


Display still says analyzing content and increases every time I do an upload, crashes frequently, remote access doesn't work. Any word on RAW support? Thanks guys, this is looking good. The timeline is pretty sweet though it would be cool of it didn't only do the CURRENT time only and the camera browse is still great. Looking forward to some UI updates like better browsing options. Getting to the end of my SLR takes a few minutes, if it even gets there at all. Cheers 
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