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I have read a lot of the feature request and see that some are in progress, some are being discussed internally by your team, some have been deployed and a lot of people keep asking for a road map.  It would be great to be able to see what is done, what is being worked on with a estimated time frame to deliver and what you are thinking about for the future, What I would like to see is you updating the road map once a week so everyone in your community can see what is done, what is coming with an estimated timeline and what is being considered for the future.  It would be better for me to be able to look and see what is going on even if the timeline changes for a feature than to sit and wait and never know.  That is frustrating.

I hope you consider this.

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Could someone please link to the road map? I can't find it (first search hit is this thread) and apparently didn't think to bookmark. May I suggest pinning it to the top of the forum or something comparable? It shouldn't be so hard to find. Thanks!


We have updated the road map and we're sorry for this delay. Next big updates are RAW and video support. Thank you for your patience.

Any update on the road map.  I sure would like to know what else is coming and some kind of an idea of when.  It sure would be great if you could also add any of the new ideas you are thinking about as well. I know some of the items I am waiting for are:

1. sharing photos with other monument owner ie my mom and father n law

2. being able to type in a field beach and have it show all beach picture like you showed in the video vs the 4 hard coded search's you have created

3. backing up on another monument unit

4. being able to bring all my folder from my computer that have already been created like summer 2016 and having them go directly into albums

5. going to time machine and putting in a date and having all those pictures show up and then it would be great to be able to put that who file into an album.

6. I'm not sure how to explain this on but we have my pictures and my wifes pictures as separate users.  I cannot delete any of her photos and I can also not add her pictures to faces.  I have spent hours organizing all the faces and now have them all done and just realized I did not get any of her pictures and the faces files I have created she cannot see.

please please, please communicate with your backers. 

We are waiting for the updated roadmap. Is there any progression about the video support?

I'd love to see the roadmap updated as well since it is pretty out of date. I understand delays happen, but it would be nice to see what the current priorities are.

For me personally, I'm waiting for RAW support before I add the rest of my photos via the connected hard drive method. We're getting to the point now I think where the device is becoming a viable method of storing mobile device photos, and I'd like to see it get to a place where it's viable for all photos.

Thanks for the continued work!

Any update to the Roadmap??

Great thank you.

Scott, thank you for your feedback.

We have been going through a few transition internally and delivery of some features have been delayed. We're updating the time plan.

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