Updates (5/6/2017)

Hi Everyone,

Please find below this week's updates. 


iOS (2.4.0)


• Face management improvements.

• Time machine improvements.

• Fixed connectivity issues.

• Several other improvements and fixes.


Android (2.4.0)


• Auto upload can select folders to upload.

• Added a switch to enable auto uploading on cellular networks.

• Added an option to change HDMI resolution between 720p and 1080p.

• Face management improvements.

• Bug fixes and improvements.

Device Firmware (1.3.5)


• Fixed bug that prevented deleting photos.

• Fixed bug that prevents displaying photos for additional users in some cases.


Device firmware is now being released in a three day window, so if you do not see an update yet, you should definitely see it in the next day or two.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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Great update for Android! Can't wait for Monday!
Face recognition might have been improved in some ways, but it simply doesn't work. Every time I try to do anything with it, I get the same response "Unable to complete operation."


Is there any news on an updated roadmap and video support?

@James, that error means you still haven't gotten the new firmware. Give it another day and check under Settings. It should be 1.3.5.

Thank you.

My Android APP stuck at updating Firmware 1.3.5 for last 30 min.

I had the same issue as James (as well as not being able to delete photos). I received the iOS update via the App Store first, but didn't get the firmware update until a day later. Looks like the firmware was key to resolving the issue.

Maybe there's a way if the new version of the app requires a new firmware version to have the app request and download the needed firmware version instead of waiting for it to roll out on it's own? I had seen this thread, so I knew I had to wait, but for other users, they'd most likely think the latest app update caused the issue.

New firmware update 1.3.5 ask to approve using the application (for iOS), but there is nothing in the app to be approved! (Using the last app provided by AppleStore) YM

I am asked to approve the update in app but nothing shows in app. Where should I see the approve update button? (iOS)

Dear Monument people.
This very last update has completely messed my Monument.
As of the moment I started to use Monument, there has been more than 700 photos uploaded.
Now there are hardly more than 100 remaining.
At the time Wordl Map was activated, only the pictures uploaded after that moment appeared on the map, not those already present.
Face recognition is still not as powerful as expected.
Unfortunately, I can see only one solution: start over. Reset the device and upload everything anew.

What about context recognition (sand, mountain, ...) ?...

Firmware and Android app at the latest version.

Any clue?


@Joel, thank you for the suggestions. We're building a similar mechanism.

@Yves and @Allistair, we have an issue where sometimes iOS app doesn't show the notification. A fix is submitted to the App Store, but in the meantime a workaround is to force app to initiate connection again by swiping from top and releasing it. Doing this a few times should work for the time being. See below:


@Joseph, all the new functionality we add takes care of the previously added contents, so if you cannot see old content on the world map, this seems like a bug. We're contacting you to follow up on this matter.

We're currently working on our improved facial recognition algorithms and will update the time plan accordingly. Improved image recognition will follow next.

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@Monument : thank you for your answer.
I need to be more precise about this issue. I noticed that the remaining pictures were taken by my present mobile phone. All the other pictures which were already present on my phone and previously uploded were taken with my preceding phones or other cameras.

At first thanks for the update. But it is really worse that the android app starts the auto upload without asking. It collected 4000 useless whatsapp pictures, screenshots and other stuff the should not go to the monument! Please deactivate the auto upload by default.
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