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Don't Return To Grid After Deleting Photo

Currently when deleting a photo, the current photo is closed (and deleted), and the user is return back to the grid.

Personally, when I cull my photos, I'm going through all from a current session, and many are very similar. When monument returns to the grid view, I lose my place visually of photos I've already sorted through, and I have to click back into a new photo, and try to figure out the last photo I looked at to continue reviewing.

My preferred method would be after deleting a photo, monument stays in the full photo view, but loads the next photo, allowing me to continue reviewing. Apple's photo app works in this manner.

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Same goes for adding faces: when you tap a face and decide not to name it ('cancel'), or if you do and save it, you return to the faces overview screen instead of to the un-named faces list where you were. When you're halfway down the list, it becomes annoying to scroll back to where you were, let alone find it! :-)

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Joel, thank you very much for the input. We will integrate this feature. 

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