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Some problems regarding Faces

So I start using Faces and found some problems. Please assist me.

I am using Android app 2.4.1 and firmware 1.3.5.

1. Some photos inside face in "Suggested Faces" are blank.

2. When there are multiple people recognized under one face in "Suggested Faces", it will be great to have "Deselect All" button. It is also useful when lots of non-human are recognized and only few of them are actually human under one face.

3. When I name a face in "Suggested Faces", the face icon is always the first photo even though I had deselected the first one before merging because that photo is not belongs to that person. And I don't know how to change the icon for that person.

4. When rename one face from A to B, if there is already face B, app will ask if I want to merge them. If I click Yes, they merged but the name becomes A. I think name of the face should be B.

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