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Unable to connect to Monument with desktop software

I just get to white screen that say Select Your Monument....and there are no monuments listed. I am trying this from a desktop computer on a wired network - monument is on wireless (but same home network)

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Balthasar, we have reports that some Anti-Virus apps or firewalls may cause this. Any chance you can disable those?


I have used the latest software available but i get the error stating the Monument cannot be found.  This is despite both my android and IOS devices on the same network can see and access the Monument.

I am running Windows 7.

Any ideas???

I have no problem to connect to my momument via Android App (via WLAN). My Laptop on Windows 10 is connected to the same WLAN, I installed the newest Monument App for Win10. However, when I start it and click on NEXT below "Set up your Monument" it cannot find the Monument:


I have this issue to.

Last version would hang after loading 9 photos.

This one can't connect to the monument.

I have the same problem except the both desktop and monument are wired connections. I just get "cannot find monument on network" as attached

Following up with a support ticket.

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