Updates (6/18/2017)

Hi Everyone,

You can find the details for the updates in all platforms.


iOS (2.5.0)


• Video support.

• Added option to automatically update Monument firmware.

• Security improvements.

• Bug fixes and minor improvements.


Android (2.4.4)


• Video support.

• Added option to save photos to phone.

• Improved security.

• Bug fixes and improvements.

Device Firmware (1.3.6)


• Video support.

• RAW photo support.

• Better metadata parsing.

• Auto update support. 

• Improved support for FAT32 volumes.

• Fixed a bug that prevents viewing shared photos on TV.

• Fixed a bug causing some users to get stuck on 'Getting library information' screen.

Desktop Software (0.0.16)


• Support for recursive folders.

• Support for video upload.

• Minor performance improvements.

Desktop software should prompt you for an update, but you can also download from here: Mac | Windows

Device firmware is now being released in a three day window, so if you do not see an update yet, you should definitely see it in the next day or two.

Since iOS and Android apps require updated firmware for some features to work, they will be released on 6/20 after firmware release window is complete.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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Hi, I had to reinstall monument android app, but the application remains blocked with message: Getting library informazioni from monument, and the progress bar does not move at all. Monument firmware 1.3.6 Android app 2.4.7
Keep up the great work!

I originally scanned my hard drive to add my photos. However, it only ever added a fraction of them, as I had a lot of RAW files. 

Now that you support RAW, I went and re-scanned the folder, but they don't seem to be showing up. Thoughts?

Also, I can't seem to figure out where you got the 37 videos from. I have more than that. But they should be in the Camera folder which is set to Auto Upload, but I don't see any of those in there?

Thanks, this is a really great step forward. 

I don't know if it was this update, but now I Monument no longer responds. Once it opens in my iPhone, within seconds it freezes the phone and stops there.


Nice Update!!
Some suggestion and question here
- Need some icon to notice user which photo is raw (Like on Lightroom Mobile) or just separate file in another folder like videos

- What does "upload on cellular" mean?

- Can I directly connect to Monument not through WiFi Router?

- Did Monument support for SDXC for now?

How do I use the Desktop software ?


What do I need to do to enable pre-existing videos to now be uploaded to my Monument?
Everything in this update seams to work except there is no sound for my videos. Is there a fix coming for that or is there some setting I need to adjust?
Welcome back! Great!!!

I've been really looking forward to this update! Thank you!

For RAW support, are you supporting the major manufacture's formats (Canon, Olympus, Nikon, etc)? Also, will the new Desktop app be able to upload RAW photos? I tried it with a RAW photo from each of manufactures I listed and they don't get added to the upload list. I'm using v0.0.16 on the Mac.

The desktop app doesn't work at all for me.

It cannot find my Monument device in my private LAN.

So at least for me, not usable.

Android App: 2.4.1
Monument: 1.3.6

Desktop: 0.0.16 (Windows 10 / 64 bit)

Awesome! updating now. Keep it up!

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