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Video upload issue

 Ok... so, have not seen any info on video uploading (or any real posting for anything in awhile). I noticed in the last posted update announcement that video files are now supported. GREAT! So I looked, and nothing on my phone (android) was uploaded as far as video files, even with auto uploads activated. So, I did a manual upload. Selected a ton of videos, and only a couple uploaded. I tried many times, sometimes just one video at a time, sometimes a couple, sometimes all of them. To date, I have only been able to get 48 to upload, and that is all. No matter what I do, no more will upload. I've tried selecting a couple of files, upload them and leave the app open on my phone all night thinking maybe they need more time. Nothing works. Usually after the first attempt at a video upload, I then get an error that I cannot connect to the Monument, but if I leave it that goes away and it does connect.

Anyone else having luck? Can the Devs look into it, or release some info or a guide on them, or at least say it's a work in progress and it'll improve? The lack of info or communication is a little worrisome.

App version 2.4.7

Monument version 1.3.6


New Android and device software updates should resolve this issue. If not, please create a ticket with us.

Thank you

yup... new updates seemed to have worked. Uploading now. Thanks!


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