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Hi everyone !

Bought my Monument 1 month ago. The setup was ok, I loaded my entire stock of photos, my phones are linked, so far so good. I have now 98000+ photos ranging from 2005 til now. I have let it rest for 2 weeks.

Regarding the mobile app:
- browsing using the map doesn't bring up the map nor photos, nothing

- browsing using time machine shows 10 photos on 2 tabs

- browsing using cameras doesn't show accurate counts and not same counts on all phones

- browsing using faces only works when I tag the faces myself

- I could not find the search box to type "snow"

- there is no sorting feature

The desktop app cannot find the Monument.

I am pretty happy to be able to move all photos to one single location, but now I can't access my photos anymore,

Can anybody tell me if I missed anything ?


PS: would be great if the Monument had an accessible API !! One could develop his own browser.

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