Updates (7/15/2017) -- 7/18 Update: newer device firmware

Hi Everyone,

We have released updates to our mobile clients and the device firmware. 

iOS (2.5.2)


• SD Cards can be imported automatically

• Improved video upload.

• Fixes a crash on startup.


Android (2.5.0)


• Video upload related fixes.

Device Firmware (1.3.7)


• Support automatic SD card importing

• Warn when a backup drive is not suitable.

• Improved video upload handling.

• Fix: getting stuck analyzing some video contents

• Fix: when multiple users upload, analyzing count is wrong.

• Fix: SD card import event can be canceled by an other user.

• Fix: turning off remote access not working for some access points.

• Fix: some video thumbnails are not correct.

• Fix: non-English filenames causing issues for RAW files.

• Fix: firmware update notification isn't shown if auto-update is turned on.

7/18 Update:

Device Firmware 1.3.9 is available which brings an important fix related to exFAT and some minor fixes. We advise you to update to this release.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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