NOTE: Please note that if you have not successfully updated your firmware at least once, these RESET instructions will not work. You will need to first update the firmware using these instructions instead. 

If for some reason you'd like to start over and remove all settings and users on your Monument, you can use our iOS/Android apps to reset the device to factory settings.

If the apps are not associated with your Monument (meaning you only see the setup screen on your apps), you can click on 'Reset your Monument to Factory Settings' link in the setup screen. If you have already completed setup, this option will be available under the Settings tab.



Once you enter your serial number and click Continue, it will ask you for further confirmation and then will try to communicate with your Monument over Bluetooth. This is a security measure requiring you to be in the close proximity of the device. If the serial number is entered correctly, the device will reset itself to factory settings, deleting all information such as:

  • User definitions
  • Wi-Fi network configuration
  • USB Drive definitions
  • SD Card definitions
  • Content metadata

Requirements: Device firmware needs to be 1.1.15 or newer.