If you are having problems with your USB drive being recognized:

  1. If your USB drive was not cleanly ejected before, it may take up to 10 minutes (or more even) to be ready for mounting. In the meantime, your App may indicate that there is no drive attached. Please do NOT disconnect the USB drive, or power down, as once you reconnect everything and power back up, you will still need to go through a full disk check. Disk check should not exceed 20 minutes or so under normal circumstances. If you waited that long and the App did not ask for the drive to be used/mounted, then please proceed with the rest of the instructions. Please note that if the drive has issues like corrupted structures, reformatting and repartitioning on a Mac or a PC may help. Please note that you will lose any data on the drive during reformatting or repartitioning process.
  2. If you have attached a drive, a backup option will only be possible if the second drive is greater than or equal in capacity of first drive.
  3. Unsupported drives will be indicated with an error message. (i.e. exFAT formatted drives.)
  4. If you see a message indicating "plugged in USB drive cannot be recognized" during drive mounting, it may be associated with a particular partition on your drive and not the drive itself. Clicking 'done' or 'dismiss' will result in the next partition to be evaluated for mounting since Monument treats partitions as drives. In some isolated cases, (i.e. GPT partitions, Microsoft Reserved Partition schemes) these partitions are created by your PC during formatting of your drive. In certain isolated cases, we are aware that even with brand new drives may have these additional partitions that are not readable by Monument, even if the format selection for the main partition is an acceptable type. These additional partitions typically end up lower in the partition table, and are therefore are attempted to be mounted first. If you have access to, for example, a Mac to format / partition a problem drive with, say HFS+, and it works, that would help identify the problem. Please note that you will lose any data on the drive during reformatting or repartitioning process.
  5. Only FAT32, HFS+, and NTFS formats are recognized. If your drive is formatted with exFAT, or if it is a logical drive or an encrypted drive, it will not be recognized. Multiple partitions are recognized as individual drives. SSD's are also usable as long as they are connected through the USB port. It has been reported some brand new drives with factory formatting start working only after a new format on you computer, even if it is exactly the same kind of format. If you would like to check the format on your drive:
    1. Mac: Connect the drive to your Mac. When it becomes available, select it on your Desktop, and hit ⌘I ( I, as in India). Or you can right click and select 'Get Info'.
    2. PC: Connect the drive to your PC. Select the drive, and get properties of the drive by right clicking on it.

  6. Power draw per USB port is limited to 500mA on your Monument. If your drive is drawing more current, your Monument may behave erratically, run slowly, or fail booting up, or continuously reboot. If your Monument is experiencing booting issues, it would be visible in the LED light in the front of the unit, with alternating colors mixing in with an occasional RED light.
  7. If you have two drives plugged in, disconnect one. Reboot device, is the connected one now recognized? If so, the disconnected one may be drawing too much power. Monument is limited to 500mA per USB port. Swap the drives, and try again. if you identify that one or more of your drives is taking too much current, you may need to consider using a USB hub. Please see this article.
  8. If you are unable to use either drive, one at a time, please report the drive formats, partitions, models and sizes to support@getmonument.com, and let us know.

If you are having issues with your hard drives, you may want to consider purchasing one of the following drives that we have tested Monument with:

If you have removed a drive, and reformatted the drive on your computer, or altered it in some way, you will likely need to 'remove' the drive from your Monument in the App using Settings/USB Drive/Edit/Remove, and you may also need to reset your Monument using the reset feature in the App.