Bluetooth (BT) connection is only required during the initial setup. Once your Monument is set up, all connectivity is achieved through Wi-Fi, or Ethernet (wired) connection. If you have completed the set-up successfully, and you are having subsequent connectivity issues, please refer to here.

If you are on iPhone and you are unable to see your Monument device over Bluetooth, before proceeding, please make sure that your iOS is up to date. First few releases of iOS on iPhone 7/7 Plus and 6s/6s Plus had Bluetooth issues that were later fixed in subsequent updates.

Monument requires Bluetooth 4.0 and above. If you have an older device with a lower spec Bluetooth, you will not be able to setup your Monument. If the Monument App is not seeing your Monument during initial setup, please install the following Apps to diagnose the problem.

  1. Make sure there is NO RED flickering occasionally or solidly on in the LED light in the front of Monument. If there is continue to next step.
  2. If you have any USB devices/drive connected to your Monument, please disconnect all of your attached drives.
  3. Disconnect HDMI cable if it is connected.
  4. Reboot Monument and make sure there is NO RED flickering occasionally or solidly on in the LED light in the front of Monument. If there is, you will need to follow this procedure.
  5. If you are on Android, clearing your Bluetooth cache may resolve your issue. 
    1. Browse for the Apps under Settings
    2. Click the three dots at the top right corner, and select Show system
    3. Select Bluetooth Share
    4. Select Force Stop
    5. Click on Storage
    6. Click on Clear cache
    7. Click on Clear data
    8. Restart your phone
  6. If you are on iOS (iPhone / iPad / etc.) please install Light Blue from the App store.
  7. If you are on Android, please install nRF Connect from the Play Store.

Launch the App you have just installed. If necessary, turn on Bluetooth. For Light Blue, after launching the application look for Monument as shown on the screen shot. For nRF Connect, after launching the application, look for a device that starts with 44:2C: or 94:A1: as shown in the screen shot.  If you mobile device is not able to see Monument with these two Apps, please let us know at with details on your specific mobile device, including make, model, etc.

If these Apps can detect Monument, your Monument is functioning properly with Bluetooth. If you detect your Monument using these Apps with another phone, but not your original phone, than that phone's Bluetooth hardware / software is likely at fault. If multiple phones cannot see Monument over Bluetooth using these Apps, please let us know at