Before you go through the process here, please make sure that you have first gone through Wi-Fi related issues. If you have successfully completed the setup, and you have seen 'white' LED in the front, please proceed with the following. (Please note that if, for example, you connected a USB drive, the white solid LED may start flashing blue indicating that user action is needed in the App. So, LED light color and behavior is not an absolute indicator.)

  1. Make sure that the LED in front of your unit is not going through one or two colors, with an occasional red. If you are seeing an occasional red displayed with the LED, you may want to disconnect all USB connected devices in the back of your Monument. If, after you disconnect all USB devices, this LED issue with red continues, you will need  to update your firmware using these instructions.
  2. If you have made changes to your router after setup, such as changing the router band from 2.4GHz to 5.0GHz, your Monument will no longer see the router. You will need to revert the settings. Similarly, if you changed the password on the router, this will also prevent your Monument from connecting to it.
  3. Make sure that the Wi-Fi selection on your mobile device is the same one that you have setup your Monument with. If you have multiple routers at home, this may become an issue.
  4. Make sure that your mobile device is indeed connected to your Wi-Fi, and not accessing the internet through its cellular / mobile network. You can confirm this by looking at the (typically) top bar on your phone indicating current connection. Obviously, if your phone is in airplane mode, it would not work.
  5. If, after confirming that the above issues are not present, and you still cannot connect, you can try to connect your Monument to your router through an ethernet cable, using the side port on your Monument. Please note that not all Monument models have this capability. 
  6. Bonjour Issues. If all of the routers you are using are either Apple Airport Extreme, Apple Airport Express, or Apple Timecapsule, then you will not need to proceed with the following, as for these routers, there are no known Bonjour issues. If you have another brand, and if you still haven't been able to connect to your Monument, you may want to install Bonjour Browser (for iOS) or Bonjour Browser (for Android) on your mobile device, and check to see if it is seeing your Monument. After installing the respective App for your platform, follow the selections shown below, and see if you see m217a12, or something similar (i.e. m217e12).

In some isolated cases, leaving Bonjour Browser open in the background on your mobile browser may help your mobile device find your Monument.

If you are NOT able see your Monument with Bonjour Browser, you may have a router that has inferior Bonjour support that prevents your mobile device from finding your Monument. You may want to experiment with other routers.

if you are able to see your Monument with Bonjour Browser, but still unable to reach it using the Monument App, even if you leave the Bonjour Browser open in the background, then please let us know by contacting us at, and make sure that you let us know what your router brand / model is, what your mobile device is, and any specific details of your setup, along with the mobile OS version you are running.