You can 'import' a folder / directory on your "Primary" drive, as long as it is at the highest (root) level hierarchy on the drive. All of the photos inside that folder / directory and inside nested subfolders will be catalogued as long as they are not exact duplicates. Please note that this folder's contents are not copied into the monument folder structure, and as a result, removing this folder and/or any of its subfolders will result in unpredictable behavior, and may corrupt your Monument's database. So, don't alter the folder in any way, apart from adding additional content to it by adding new subfolders, and choosing 'rescan' inside Settings / USB Drives.

To import / include / catalog a folder of pictures:

  1. Make sure your Primary drive is connected to your Monument, and is available.
  2. Touch on the available drive.
  3. You will see "Remove", "Eject", and "Add existing folder"
  4. Touch "Eject". Do NOT touch 'Remove'. If you do so, it will result in all content on that drive to be ignored in the future, and it is not reversible. 
  5. After you hit eject, hit eject also on the next screen.
  6. Once the drive is ejected, physically remove the drive and connect to your Mac or PC.
  7. Copy a folder containing photos to the root (highest) level on the drive. Please note that the higher the number of photos in that folder, the longer it will take for your Monument to analyze. 10's of thousands of photos will likely take days to analyze.
  8. Eject drive from your Mac or PC, reconnect to your Monument. Remounting the drive may take a a long time (20+ minutes) if it was not cleanly ejected from your Mac or PC.
  9. Once the drive is available, select "Add existing folder"
  10. Select the folder that you put there containing your photos.
  11. You do NOT need to keep your App open. Your Monument will import and analyze pictures in the background. Please note that this may take days if you have considerable amount of photos.