You can only use this procedure if the LED in the front of your unit is WHITE or BLUE. If the LED in the front is occasionally or permanently RED after booting, or YELLOW, this procedure will not work. Use the Recovering/Updating Monument with an SD Card procedure instead.

USB Key Update Procedure

  1. Have a USB key of at least 128Mb capacity. Any modern USB key should do, USB 2, or USB 3. The format can be FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS.
  2. Download this file. (firmware version: 1.3.9) 
  3. Copy the downloaded file to the USB key at the root (highest) level. You will find this file in your Downloads folder. Do not copy it into a folder or directory on the USB key. Make sure that it is copied at the highest level.
  4. Power down your Monument.
  5. Insert the USB key into any of two USB ports on your Monument.
  6. Power up your Monument.
  7. Wait at least for a full five minutes. There will be no indication of a firmware update.
  8. Your Monument will automatically reboot, and you will see the LED in the front momentarily flash RED. Once you see that, you need to remove the USB key.
  9. Connect to your Monument using your mobile App. Go into the Settings, and verify that the device firmware number is updated.