Starting with Monument firmware 1.2.1, we have enabled remote access feature. Please note that you will also need newer versions of our iOS or Android apps. If you have not updated your app recently, please do so before proceeding.

Monument is capable of automatically negotiating with your home router/access point and configuring it, so that it would allow out of home connectivity to Monument. This is done using a standard called UPnP. Most of the modern Wi-Fi access points have this feature, you do not need to do additional configuration on your access point. Just enabling remote access on Monument app will take care of the rest. Please follow the steps below for the automatic setup. If this doesn't work, that means manual configuration needs to be done.

Automatic Setup Through UPnP

  1. Open Monument app when you are in the same Wi-Fi network with your Monument, with your Monument on. You cannot turn on remote access remotely.
  2. Go to Settings > Enable "Remote Access"
  3. If it displays an error indicating it cannot turn on the remote access, or if it fails to enable it, then it is likely that your router does not support automated UPnP setup. If that is the case, please refer to the Manual Setup section below.
  4. If it successfully turns on, then you can test whether you can reach your Monument by disabling the Wi-Fi on your phone momentarily, and try to access your Monument through the cellular network (in place of your wireless network at home).

Manual Setup (When automatic configuration doesn't work)

Since UPnP setup fails with your router, you will need to access your router's setup, and open up port 8201 (TCP) for external access. We have setup screens for two different access points below:

Manual setup with Apple Airport

We are showing the setup screens from an older version of Apple Airport setup software, since it explains what you need to do as clearly as possible. However, your router, unless it is exactly the same one as we have, will require a different setup with different screens that you are likely to access through a web interface.

First, access your router. in our case, it is the selected Airport Extreme at the top left corner.

Access the connected DHCP client list, and identify your Monument in the list. It will have a identifier like m217a12-000XXXXX. You will need the MAC address shown in the left column in this case.

Then, you will need to setup a DHCP reservation for that MAC address.

Your reservation will appear in DHCP reservations list.

Then, you need to setup a port map for port 8201 (TCP) as shown (the private IP address needs to match the one that you assigned during DHCP reservation for your Monument's MAC address):

And you will see it under the mapped ports:

Your router may need to be rebooted after you save this setup. After this, you can try to use the Settings > turn on remote access in the Monument App, and you should test functionality as indicated in the Simple Setup section. Please note that we cannot provide support to setup your own particular router, as each and every router brand / type tends to have a different interface.

Manual setup with Asus RT-ACRH13

Although these screens are from a specific product, we have seen that many Asus access points do share the same web interface and can be applied to a wide range of other products as well.

First, check if UPnP is enabled. If it is not, try enabling it and then trying again in Monument app. If still doesn't work, please proceed to the next step.

Click on the View List under Clients to see the devices in your home network.

This would bring up the device list. In the list, please identify Monument. It should start with m217. If you have both Ethernet and Wi-Fi setup, note the Ethernet connection. Check out the interface column and note the differences between Wi-Fi and Ethernet. 

Now go to WAN menu from the left and select Virtual Server/Port Forwarding. Then enable port forwarding.

Create a new row, by entering Monument's IP address and then enter 8201 as the port number and select TCP as the protocol. Click on plus icon in the end. 

And finally click on Apply. This should enable the new settings. Now go to Monument app and try enabling remote access again. If everything is et up correctly it should display as enabled.

Note: If you go through this set-up, and get everything working over Wi-Fi, but later on decide to attach an Ethernet cable between your router and your Monument, it may disable your remote access. Similarly, if you complete your setup with an Ethernet cable, and get it working over the wired connection, and later on remove the Ethernet cable, your remote access will not work over Wi-Fi. In both cases, you may need to go through this setup again, and assign the static address and port forwarding to whichever port you may be using.