If you are importing 10's of thousands of photos, it may be best to wait till the end of "Analyzing Photos" as merging faces in bigger chunks would be less laborious. Alternatively, if you wish, you can merge faces as photo analysis is in progress.

Also, please note that the average rate of photo analysis is around 4,000 - 5,000 photos / day presently, depending on the photos naturally. We are working on faster thumbnail generation software that will speed this up.

If you have not started with faces yet:

  1. Select the 'Browse" tab in the Monument App, at the lower left.
  2. Select 'Faces'.
  3. Select 'Start'.
  4. Select 'Add New Face',
  5. You will start seeing faces sorted in their quantity under each face. A face with the highest occurrence is at the top.
  6. In order to merge faces prior to naming them, hit Edit in the top right corner
  7. Touch a face, and then touch another face of the same person. if necessary, keep selecting other faces of the same person. If you make a mistake, retouching the same face will deselect it.
  8. When you are ready to merge faces, touch 'Merge' at the lower right.
  9. Using this same procedure, you can also delete faces that you don't want to tag, using the 'Delete' button in the lower left.
  10. Touch the merged face thumbnail, which will probably be at the very top now, as the sort order of faces is with the number of faces under each thumbnail, and merging multiple faces naturally increases that count.
  11. Name that face with the person's name.
  12. Repeat with other faces. Note that if you name the next batch, for example, the same name, this batch and the previous batch will be merged under that person's name.

Editing named faces:

  1. Select the 'Browse" tab in the Monument App, at the lower left.
  2. Select 'Faces'.
  3. Select a person.
  4. Hit 'Edit' at the top right corner.
  5. Hit 'Select'.
  6. Select a face that does not belong to this person. Keep selecting other faces of the same person that does not belong here if you want to keep that person's pictures together.
  7. When done, hit the lower left icon with person's silhouette and an X. This will remove the selected faces from this person's facial collection, and improve the recognition of the person.

Renaming a person's name:

  1. If you want to rename a person named 'Joe 1' to  'Joe', hit 'Edit' in the upper right corner.
  2. Hit 'Change Name'.
  3. Edit 'Joe 1' to 'Joe'.
  4. If another person named 'Joe' exists, Monument App will ask you if you want to merge these two faces.

Deleting a named face:

  1. Go into the face.
  2. Hit 'Edit' in the upper right corner.
  3. Hit 'Remove Name'.
  4. Once you confirm your choice, that entire group of faces will return to unnamed faces as a group.