If you have a monitor or a TV connected to your Monument, you can view your photos on that display. 

Note: Connecting your Monument's HDMI port to your computer's HDMI port will not result in viewable photos on your computer screen. Monument needs to be connected to a monitor or a TV.

  1. Connect your Monument to a TV/Monitor with an HDMI cable.
  2. Open Monument App.
  3. Go into any photo.
  4. Hit the ellipsis icon on the lower right (…).
  5. Select 'Display on TV'.
  6. If you encounter an error, your Monument may not be connected to a usable TV/Monitor, or the display may be off.
  7. Swipe left or right to put the next photo on the display.
  8. Swipe down to stop displaying the photo.
  9. If you quit the App while a photo is visible on the display, that photo will continue to be displayed until another photo is selected in the App.